Wedding Music Checklist

The Big Day is only weeks away!

By now the excitement is building and it's time to make some music decisions!

We'd like help by sharing our experience from playing at many wedding celebrations and parties.

We hope the form below will give you a good idea of how to put the best timetable and setlist together for the big night!

Your Wedding Date
Your Wedding Date
Does your venue have a stage where the band can set up or will they need to clear tables to make space?
Some of our favourites here: If you have a specific song in mind that doesn't feature in the band's repertoire, we'll be delighted to try an arrangement in the rehearsal room. If the arrangement or instrumentation of your selection is not best suited to The Mixtape, it's no problem to play the track through our sound system, with the band ready to kick in straight away. If you would prefer not to have a first dance, please write "no first dance" below.
The Mixtape plan a set list for every show, but will often depart from the plan depending on what your guests are enjoying. The Mixtape play music to entertain all age groups. The goal is always to maximise the party atmosphere! We're delighted to include any special requests you might have. Feel free to give us an idea of your favourites below:
The Mixtape show runs for two hours. It can be difficult to predict exactly how long the meal and speeches will run, but based on the weddings the band have played, a good guideline start time for the entertainment is between 9.30pm and 10pm. The band will be on site at 8:30pm and once they have access to the stage/band area they can begin setting up, this usually takes about 45 minutes. The band can play up up midnight at the latest before handing over to your DJ to keep your guests dancing in to the early hours!
Some venues require the music to stop while evening food is being served. The Mixtape live show runs for two hours and we don't recommend serving food during that time. (It's tough to eat and dance at the same time!) In our experience a great time to serve the evening food is directly after the band performance. Your guests can enjoy their time with you on the dance floor and be ready to refuel before the DJ!
If you have booked The Mixtape DJ: The Mixtape DJ set runs for two hours and must finish at 2am at the latest. Let us know below if your venue have a curfew before 2am for music.